Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Day of Rest

So the family got home at 1 am this morning after our trip to my mom's. I took off the Super Mom cape and did not go into work today. After our last trip, we got home at 9 pm, then I did grocery shopping, made lunches, slept and went to work the next day. Needless to say, I almost got sick from exhaustion. This time I'm trying to be smart. It feels like slacking, but going to work on half a brain isn't good for anyone and I didn't want kids to have to wake up and go to summer school after a rough day of travel. My son slept in until 10 am!

I survived the stress of the trip and am glad that we went. One absolutely endearing moment was watching my mom and daughter play patty cake. My daughter was amazed when my mom knew the words to her tune, and my mom even knew some my daughter didn't!


yertle said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself on your return! It sounds like you all needed it.

Sierra said...

Don't you just love the mayhem that follows a huge schedule disruption? It is good to break routine, take off the cape and have a ball.