Thursday, July 19, 2007

Freak, Part 2

Went to opening day of the horse races yesterday and felt like a total freak. I was the only woman covered head to toe and wearing flat shoes. Everyone else seemed to be in pretty, flirty little dresses with high heels. When I met up with my hubby, I apologized for not looking sexier (we were meeting up with an employee and I had two other employees there - so I dressed conservatively). He said not to worry. It just felt really strange to look and feel so different, but I also know I would have been tremendously uncomfortable in a little dress and heels. Sometimes, I wish I fit in more, though.

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yertle said...

Lately, I have been trying to focus on wearing what makes me feel good instead of trying to fit in or trying to do some version of how I think I "should" dress.

It is hard though. I think being a woman it is always in the back of my head somewhere that I shouldn't ask for too much attention by looking nice.

I guess the place I am trying to get to is that what I wear is coming from the internal me and not the external everyone else.