Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Okay, I have to admit it, I'm one of those sun cautious freaks that you see at the pool or beach, covered from head to toe and wearing a wide brimmed hat. I've been reluctant to admit it, but two things happened recently to drive it home.

Looking over vacation photos from our beach/pool vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, a funny image came up. It was the photo from the sun dance, which was basically a line dance coordinated by the staff each day at 4:00. They would get the guests to line up and dance a little number to their theme song. Imagine people in bikinis and board shorts, tan and happy. Then next to them, imagine a family in long sleeve swim shirts, sarangs that reach the floor, and hats. That would be my family.

At Legoland last week (it must sound like I llive on perpetual vacation), I saw a family who looked odd to me. The mom had an umbrella, long skirt and long sleeve shirt. I looked at the brand name and realized it's what I buy - the only difference is that I stop at the umbrella, haven't gone there yet. I thought the family looked odd, until I realized they look just like mine.

No plans to change this freakish dressing, I gave up any chance of being cool a long time ago. It's just odd when I'm forced to acknowledge it.

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yertle said...

I really need to be better about sun protection. I just got sunburned myself a couple days ago while walking with Owen. I have no excuse since I have sunscreen in my house, in my glove box, and in my trunk. I need to get it into a routine so I remember to do it regularly. I am good about Owen not getting in the sun since I once got Lucas a little burned as a baby, so I am now very paranoid about it.