Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Me Me Me

I'm new to this blogging thing, and I got tagged today by the sweetheart at Smile Play Dream. So here goes . . .

4 Things That Should Go Into Room 101 and Be Removed From the Face of the Earth:
(What is "Room 101" supposed to mean??)
1. Bullies
2. Grudges
3. Impatience
4. Elitism

3 Things That People Do That Make You Want to Shake Them Violently
1. Be Lazy
2. Don't Take Responsibility
3. Whine

2 Things You Find Yourself Moaning About
1. My Boss
2. My Husband's Thriftiness

1 Thing the Above Answers Tell You About Yourself
I'm absolutely terrified of being an:
- elite, bullying, impatient boss to my employees,
- whiny, lazy wife to my husband, or
- impatient, unforgiving mom to my kids.
And I've been all of the above more often than I care to admit!

1 comment:

yertle said...

I share the same fears, except around work I tend to worry more about being a lazy employee than a bullying boss, although that is starting to come up now that I have been someone's boss for 3 weeks.

It is crazy how not wanting to be something can drive you so hard.