Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Good

Okay, this is a little self congratulating, but I know you'll indulge me. A few weeks ago I blogged about my bad of coming home and nagging my husband when it should have been clear that he had a bad day too.

Well, tonight I tried to make use of my lesson and make good. My husband came home from swim lessons with the kids and there was a lot of yelling, from him and the kids. If you've ever met my husband, you probably can't even imagine him yelling. Well, first I went back to the bedroom and acknowledged that he might be out of patience and asked if he wanted a break. He seemed relieved and left to read. I made dinner, but let him rest and tried to keep the kids from disturbing him too much. Then later I approached him and offered him a hug or a glass of wine. He took both. I told him that I appreciate that he is with the kids in the afternoon and that I was sorry that they were not easy on him today.

Dinner went okay. The usual restlessness, but nothing unusual. I went ahead and did the dishes (typically his job since I do the cooking) and let him rest.

Now, he is cuddling both of them and reading to them.

Sometimes we just need a break to come back refreshed.


yertle said...

Yay! That is such a great story, and I am glad that you put your lesson to good use. It is amazing what a little support, a little break, and a little love can do.

Sierra said...

Congrats on keeping a positive and happy tone in your home. It's not always easy, but I am glad to see that it can be done.