Monday, July 14, 2008

Like a Slap in the Face

So I went back to work today after a couple weeks away.


I feel so drained. It was so hard to go into work after being away. To walk into the climate I have grown to hate. To try to put on a smile for the people I like, but the place I hate.

We had a board meeting and then the annual employee appreciation lunch. This is when my boss pretends I don't exist. He doesn't introduce me to anyone, doesn't acknowledge my accomplishments, doesn't sit with me, and doesn't allow me to present to the board, instead presenting letters I wrote as if he wrote them himself.

Further justification for why I am looking for a new job.

Which I will find, on my timetable and to suit my needs.

I will appreciate the experience I gained here and learn from it while I create a new reality for myself.

I deserve recognition, growth, opportunity, challenge and respect. All of this and more.


yertle said...

Wow, that sounds horrible. I am so sorry that he is like that. You deserve all of that and more. You deserve to let your light shine and to be appreciated for it. You deserve to fully share your gifts.

Sierra said...

Sorry for the frustration with work. It is a sad story that your boss needs to take credit for your work and isn't confident enough in himself to let others shine.
When it is right to leave, you will know it and I am sure the transition will bring you much growth and happiness you deserve.
It is awesome that you can articulate what you have already gained from the experience and what you hope to get from the next one... I have no doubt that it will work out for you and you will get what you need.