Monday, July 21, 2008

Boss in the Middle

One of the things I hate about being in the middle between and employee and the big boss is performance reviews. When we agree, it is easy. When we disagree, I have to decide whether or not to fight the battle. My boss often accuses me of being too pro-employee, and as a result, he recommends adjustments to the reviews I prepare for staff who report to me. On one rare occassion it is upward, but more often it is downward.

I aquiesed on the review for one employee, who was quite upset at seeing ratings go down from last year. He went so far as to use the word "demoralizing" and say "you guys really know how to push people out".

How do I respond to that.

Do I present a unified front, do I be honest about the differences in opinion (which I did), or do I simply say that they can go above me if they don't like it.

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yertle said...

I think that it is difficult to be in a position like that, but I think I would go with what you did and be honest.

I don't understand the whole concept of being "too pro-employee". What does that mean? To me, the employees are the greatest resources and keeping good employees happy is important as is holding not good employees accountable.

How does the boss explain the ratings going down? Does he make the case that the person's performance went down, or is it all about the bottom line?