Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gratitude 3

I am grateful for:

- Kisses from my daughter
- A job that allows my husband to stay home
- My primary care physician, who is good enough that my husband doesn't mind his annual physicals, even when they involve unpleasant procedures
- Sharing my daughter's albumn with her and seeing her read and look at things she did just years ago, but didn't remember or recognize
- My dad's bows and arrows that he lovingly made for the kids and their friends
- My dad's wife for joining our family


Sierra said...

Great list.

Sierra said...
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yertle said...

It makes me happy to read gratitude posts.

BTW, I am grateful for you! At my Awakening Joy class, he asked us to think of someone we knew loved us unconditionally with no drama and then to try to see ourselves from that person's point of view. It was actually a very powerful exercise, and it was you who I picked, so I appreciate the love I was able to see for myself through you.