Monday, October 20, 2008

Homework Cram Session 3

My therapist recommended that I spent time journaling and include a list of traits of my mom. Not dissimilar to the homework to "objectify my boss" last year, this is to help me see her more clearly as an individual instead of what I want from a mom.

Maurine N. P.

Had breast augmentation
Divorced her husband after 18 years together
Lives on social security, paycheck to paycheck
Has brown hair with gray that she does not dye
Lost her two front bottom teeth, but cannot afford to have them replaced
Is epileptic
Hadn't really lived on her own before marrying
Is the middle of three girls
Was a teacher for about 5 years, and this defines much of her
Is self-centered
Is egocentric
Is melodramatic
Belives that yelling at a child and calling them names is not abuse, like hitting a child
Does not talk to her youngest sister
Lost custody of her daughter after the divorce was finalized
Truly believes that she was a great mom to her young children and that she didn't get to finish her work as they got older
Was a size 2/4 most of her life
Took medicine to put on weight as a young girl
Believes that she raised her younger sister
Claims she was raped by a family friend who later played it off as an affair - when I asked my dad, he says she never told him
Cannot drive and has no license
Has no credit cards
Needs to nap most days
Refuses to fly on an airplane
Does not write letters
Rarely, if ever, makes phone calls
Considers herself a feminist
Smokes about 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day
Says she would give up eating before giving up smoking
Drinks coffee first thing in the morning
Appear to have the early stages of Parkinson's
Had a flower business when she was married to her second husband
Is on disability due to her epilepsy
Does not get along with her new landlord/owner
Refuses to consider assisted care
Is 5'8" and now more like a size 12/14
Lives in a room in a home of about 10 borders, considers herself the manager
Has lived in this home for more than a decade

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