Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gratitude 10

- Being healthy after battling the stomach flu
- Seeing a beautiful sky full of stars while walking the dogs
- Running into a scared (it was dark) neighbor walking and having her take one of my dogs to help her feel safe
- Being able to send one of my books to a man diagnosed with cancer so he could show his children what he did for work and his impact on the profession
- Meeting with a prospective candidate and really liking him
- Having 2 dates planned with my husband this weekend
- Being able to volunteer once in a while at my kids' school, including tomorrow's Halloween party
- Jogging with my dog this morning and his improved behavior on lease
- Learning that he's even better when he's on the "casual walk" command

1 comment:

yertle said...

Wow, great list. Felt very touched by you sending the book to the man to show to his kids.