Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rigid Notions About Marriage and Family

Divorce is not an option.

Divorced people are failures who cannot successfully manage relationships.

Family dinner is not negotiable.

Daycare after school means that you are delegating raising your kids to an institution.

Women can be the bread winner, cook, nurturer, etc.

Women have a responsibility to earn money.

If my husband is not happy, I am a failure as a wife.

We don't share our arguments with others, especially the children.

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Sierra said...

We all have these programmed notions and none of them are true for every person.
One big one that I am learning is that Mom's don't have to be superhuman and staying home full-time may not be a good thing or necessary for anyone.
I wish you luck in developing a new notion with your family and making it work for you.