Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Rights as a Person

To be respected.
To have time to exercise.
To have time to relax/meditate.
To recreate and to have vacations.
To donate to charities in which I believe.
To have my own opinions.
To say no.
To say yes.
To chose my friends.
To have input on my work.
To influence my space through decoration and cleanliness.
To get enough sleep.
To ask others to stop behaving in ways that hurt me.
To ask for what I want.
To have the opportunity to explore what I want.
To throw parties.


yertle said...

Great list. It makes me want to make one for me.

Sierra said...

I've gotta get one of these going for myself. I think I will start with the right to 10 minutes uninterrupted to think about it. :)