Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Rights as My Husband's Wife

To have regular dates.
To not have to plan all of said dates.
To get presents on my birthday and at Christmas.
To be flattered occassionally.
To work.
To have hobbies.
To have time alone.
To have support when dealing with the children.
To be respected as a professional.
To be more important than work, the kids, or anything else, just as we vowed.
To have my husband want to be with me.
To be able to be affectionate without sex.
To have a well groomed husband when we are out as a couple.
To be able to spend money, below our agreed upon limit, without criticism.
To have girlfriend outings and someday girlfriend vacations without the kids.
To be listened to.
To have my family treated with respect.

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