Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gratitude 8

I am grateful for:

- Seeing old college friends and their children, so precious.
- Sharing old photos with my kids as they prepare reports on their family.
- Our excited, enthusiastic, and optomistic new hire.
- The fact that one of my employees sang "Happy Birthday" to another at 6:30 this morning as they started their day.
- Comraderie among our staff.
- My boss being away on a 3 week vacation.
- My son liking 1st grade and being excited to go to school.
- My children saving their allowance for items and counting out change to buy their coveted item.
- Long walks with the dogs.
- My empoloyee's professionalism as she tries to prepare the agency for her eventual retirement.
- My dog trainer's wisdom, understanding and compassion, for me and our new dog.

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yertle said...

Lots of nice things. Thanks for sharing.