Saturday, February 2, 2008


The evilness of stress finally took hold of me and I came down ill this week.


- work being stressful, both the work I am doing (labor negotiations, training a new employee, annual regulatory reports) and the boss,

- spending the time and effort to find a new job (resume prep, searching, networking, informational interviews, obtaining approval from references, etc.),

- and lastly my dad and "something on his lung",

I'm just done with.

Took yesterday off, but kept in touch with the office via e-mail and took on kid duty after school - not sure how much rest I allowed myself. Went to bed early, but work up two hours ago with a racing mind.

Had hoped that emptying it might help . . .

Trying to stay strong.


yertle said...

So sorry. It is hard when everything is happening all at once. I wish the best for your Dad. That is scary. I am thinking of you and sending you all much love and support. It is OK to not be strong sometimes -- everyone needs support. I am trying to learn that myself lately, and to ease up the pressure on myself sometimes. I finally just talked to my bosses to ease my work stress. Take good care.

Sierra said...

Oh hon, I hate it when that happens. Hope all goes well with your dad and that your health improves enough to feel on top of things again.
Taking it easy isn't weakness, it's necessary. Sometime strength is saying "enough already!"