Friday, February 15, 2008


Big Dreams and Pixie Dust has been talking lately about potty training and all the poop involved. I've enjoyed the blog as it brings up distant memories of potty training my now school age children . . .

until this past weekend . . .

Recently I went into my bathroom to find an odd substance in the sink. Yes, it was poop. I then noticed a smear on the mirror. Yep, more poop. Then for some reason I picked up the rug, and guess what was underneath??? You got it - more poop!

Now, my son had nonchalantly changed from shorts to pants earlier that day and it didn't take a whole lot of figuring to realize that he was guilty.

His defense, "it came out of the toilet". I guess the toilet backed up.

But, under the rug?!?!?!?

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Sierra said...

I am so sorry about the mess. Poop really isn't fun at all, but sometimes ya just have to laugh at the situation. I still have lots of poop to deal with, but at least I know it's not intentional and just part of the learning curve... for both of us.
I can just see your little guy in there in a pannic trying to figure out what to do with all of that poop and hopeing to heaven that you wouldn't notice.