Monday, February 25, 2008

The Dreaded Thank You Note

In many ways, I am a very lenient mom. In other ways, I am extremely strict.

Such is the case with thank you notes.

I grew up with a mom who couldn't take pen to paper to save her life and an aunt/uncle who were amazing at writing thoughtful notes for birthday and thank you alike.

Somewhere along the last 37 years, notes have become very important to me and I insist that my children express their gratitude.

Enter the Girl Scout cookie season.

My daughter is a Brownie and this is her second year selling cookies. Last year, through the help of my Rotary club and Operation Thin Mint, my daughter was the best seller in her troop, took her troop be the top 50 troop in the region, and earned a free pass to summer camp. That's over 500 boxes sold to us laypeople. That's also about 50 thank you notes . . .

She's doing well, but the parents are about driven mad with the whining and complaining. She's gotten notes and even monetary tips in response to her thank you notes, so she's getting positive feedback.

I guess life lessons come with their own challenges and I'm set on teaching her this one, but the whining . . . .

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