Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things My Yoga Teacher Has Taught Me

1. How to breathe using my tummy and not my shoulders.
2. How to be gentle with myself.
3. To say I love myself every morning, even before I brush my teeth.
4. To laugh 500 times a day.
5. To indulge without guilt or punishment.
6. How to meditate.
7. How to gently bring my mind back to the moment.
8. To listen to my body.
9. To feel my body.
10. To notice changes in my body and mind.
11. To take time every day to rebalance myself.
12. The importance of being gentle and forgiving with myself.
13. The ability to manage stress.

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1 comment:

yertle said...

That's cool! I have only been to my class twice so far, but I am already feeling a difference and look forward to it each Sunday morning.