Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Other Job

I've taken on another job, it's called finding a new job and I do it in the evenings and on weekends.

It involves getting references lined up, updating and tailoring my resume, identifying opportunities, and getting the word out that I'm for hire.

This is in addition to my daytime job of working for an idiot.

This job search keeps me motivated, it keeps me from getting too discouraged when work gets nasty (like when my boss accused me of insubordination), and even my husband helps out in the process by researching opportunities and keeping an open mind.

I'm about to panic though as it seems my husband is about to lose his job.

A good thing, in general, but a little sooner than we had hoped.

Lots of change, but the family is strong.

10 year wedding anniversary coming up - party woo!


Sierra said...

Congrats on coming up on 10! That is definitely an accomplishment these days.
Good luck with your job search and dealing with an idiot boss. That really sucks.
Don't know if you are up for a move, but AK has a LOT of really good jobs that pay well. :)

yertle said...

Change it hard, but it seems like it could all really be for the best. I am glad that you are working as a good team. Congrats on 10 years!!