Monday, February 23, 2009

"I'm the Girl!"

More than 20 years ago I played drums in a band. When I showed these pics to a coworker, he asked, "Which one are you?", to which I replied "I'm the girl!!!"

Anyhow, the band leader found me on the Internet recently and initiated contact. It has been a total trip to relive this era of my life, which included the divorce, being put in a home for troubled teens, almost losing my virginity at age 14, and eventually running away from home. It has made me miss making music. It made me miss being a part of a group (a clean, wholesome, respectful group of blonde honor students at the time).

I know, I know, drums aren't really music, but they are yet another creative and meditative outlet which I enjoyed very much at one point in my life.

So . . . I'm wondering if I should take them up again, perhaps bongos or something quieter/more portable. . . .

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Nicci said...

Love these photos. How cool to be back in touch. I like the idea of looking for a creative and meditative outlet for yourself!