Friday, February 20, 2009


Lately I have been laughing and smiling a heck of a lot more and there is so much I am grateful for:

being there for my divorced friend on Valentine's Day
seeing "he's not that into you"
morning walks with my dogs and how much better my lab mix is getting off leash
getting perfume and wearing it again after 10 years without
the beautiful orchid an employee gave me
getting a raise for an employee who will be taking on some of my responsibilities when I leave
being able to afford flowers for my admin support person
our new home loan that will free up some disposable income
my new job
my new boss
my new coworkers
the professionalism my old boss is exhibiting in my leaving
knowing that this is temporary and that he's still an ass, so I have NO regrets
lunch dates every day for 2 weeks
my donut date with my husband this morning
making my son's lunch this morning with his help
running into friends at the donut shop and during the walk
being recognized by the bank teller as the mom of the kids' with the savings accounts
having polite children
scheduling our family portraits for March with our wedding photographer
finding a pair of jeans that fit - the first pair I tried!
not feeling like I need a 2+ glasses of wine after work each night
only working 3 day weeks for 3 weeks instead of the typical 2 weeks notice
my friend's educational program really taking off and taking shape
her ability to recognize the role and importance of marketing and defending the cost
future trips to the bay area!!!
my upcoming vacation to Mexico with the family before starting my new job
shopping for a blackberry for my new job
being able to donate blood and the car washes I get in return
the sincere gratitude that many of my employees have expressed for what I've done for them these past 3 years
feeling absolutely certain that this job change is right for me and having my eyes wide open about what it will entail
my husband's willingness to work with me through all sorts of drama
my husband's willingness to run the home while I take this new job
having so much to share in my gratitude post
feeling like I could go on for 100 more lines
date night tomorrow night

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Nicci said...

This makes me so happy! I feel so lucky too that I will get to see you more as a side perk to this new job. Yay!!