Monday, February 2, 2009

If I were the breadwinner . . .

and my husband were the househusband, I would like him to (* is stuff I currently do - he actually does the other items already):

Do the laundry
Take the dry cleaning in
*Do the grocery shopping
*Plan and prepare the meals, especially weekday dinners
*Prepare the kids' lunches (at least half the time)
Manage the kids' homework responsibilities
clean house (would be willing to pay for this)
*mow the lawn (I would be willing to do the other gardening: edging, planting, etc.)
*Take the kids shopping for shoes and clothes
*Keep track of birthday parties and presents for birthday parties
Potty the dogs during the day
Keep track of dogs' medications, vet visits, etc.
*Feed the dogs
Take the kids to doctor/dentist appointments
Stay home with the kids when sick
Volunteer (such as cub scout leader)
Maintain the cars

Stuff I would do:
work a full-time job upon which my family can comfortably live:
- bring home an income sufficient to run the household, fund a retirement account for my husband, pay for vacations and occassional family/date nights, etc.
- provide health and dental care for entire family
- fund my own retirement account
other gardening
weekend outings with kids
volunteer (playgroup leader and occassional Girl Scout stuff)
groom dogs
clean cars
give kids their allowance and take them to the bank
track birthdays for relatives
track presents for Christmas, other
manage kids' thank you note writing to relatives

Did I forget anything?????

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