Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year and Gratitude

This year I have started an old fashioned journal to celebrate my successes in personal growth. It's the old school kind with lined paper and a pretty embroidered cover.

I feel this odd divide among my two journals now, the one that lives on paper and the one that lives in cyberspace.

I feel like I should organize them somehow and declare that the paper is for ____ and the cyber is for ______, but I don't want to. Don't feel the need to be boxed in and attempting to organize every corner of my life.

So, I will live in free form for a while and see what is and that is what shall be.

About New Years Resolutions . . . not sure if I really have any other than to release resentment and celebrate successes more. Pretty vague, but I'm growing tired of specifics when it comes to defining my goals. I want to be lofty, airy and free flowing.

Gratitude. I am grateful for:

- allowing myself to finally buy new bras in the right size
- allowing myself to buy a new purse, one from a company that gurantees and refurbishes them
- allowing myself to not feel obligated to go to playgroup this morning
- my phone interview tomorrow
- asthma medication for my daughter
- big, fat Sunday papers

1 comment:

yertle said...

Good for you for embracing airy and free flowing with both your journal and your resolutions.

Love your gratitude list -- and am glad that you were able to treat yourself!!

Hope the interview goes well tomorrow. Much love to you.