Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Boss Day

Did you know that today is National Boss Day?

I didn't either until a couple of my direct reports asked me to lunch. I was taken aback and very flattered. Last year they got me a nice plant (it's still in my office - it has bugs, but I can't let it go cause it means too much to me - I'm working on the bugs though, one at a time . . .). The four direct reports (one is on vaca) that were here today took me out for sushi and gave me a nice card. Here's some of what they said:

"Thanks for your kindness and your encouragement. It means a great deal."

"Glad to have your support. You are appreciated."

"I appreciate your leadership style and have learned a lot working with you." - this is from my 50 year-old employee!

The gesture of lunch and the card made me all warm and fuzzy inside and even though I may not always be a great boss and I still have a lot to learn, the notes make me realize that I am the kind of boss I want to be, nurturing, caring and supportive.


Lucas said...

How awesome! Way to go! I am glad that you got some appreciation.

Sierra said...

Happy boss day! Glad to hear that it was a good one.