Monday, October 29, 2007


Today at my weekly Rotary meeting, the club president asked for my help in breaking down an easel. He said something to the effect of "Hey Squish, I need an engineer over here!"

I went over to help and broke down the easel quickly. He then said, "Wow, you and I could never be married, my ego couldn't take it. Your lawyer husband must be humiliated by you."

Now, the club president is a sweetheart and I can only imagine that he meant this as a compliment, but it sure made me feel weird. Why is being strong so intimidating to some people. He asked for the help - it's not like I shoved him aside or something. Am I supposed to act dumber or weaker than I really am?

Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband with a strong ego who isn't humiliated by me. Or maybe he's to intimidated to tell me . . .


Sierra said...

A comment like that was probably intended as a compliment, but came out a little more revealing about his thought processes than he wanted it to. Careful girl, he thinks you are a catch and that scares the bejeebees out of him.

yertle said...

Comments like that are so hard. It really seems like it was meant to be a compliment. Humiliated is a really strong word in that situation. It really is all about him and not about you or your husband.