Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I Want

I was listening to a radio show about the law of attraction and he was advocating clarifying your wants. I realize I need to do this about my next job.

So here goes:

- Enough money so my husband can continue to stay home with the kids
- Flexibility to be home for dinner and on the weekends
- Authority to achieve the goals set forth
- Clearly defined goals and the opportunity to provide input on them
- A boss who will mentor and coach me
- Mutual respect
- Advancement opportunities
- An opportunity to continue to improve/protect the environment
- To live/work/volunteer in the same community
- A positive, supportive work culture


yertle said...

Great list.

Are their any types of job tasks that you really like doing? I know I would want to make sure most of my time was spent doing things I enjoyed and wanted to be doing.

What about great employees who report to you who are happy in what they do and who rise to challenges.

Hmmm.. what else would be good?

Sierra said...

Great list! I'm sure you can find what you are looking for, or it will find you. Either way, it's good to ask a few questions at your interviews to make sure it's what you are really after. I'm when you find it, you will know... and the hiring peops with your new job will know too. I wish you all the best.