Monday, August 4, 2008

Mysterious Black Goo

I love boys.

Heck, I even love men!

But my poor house suffers when too many come over.

This weekend we had 6 kids over for dinner and here are the results:

- Broken bow - 1
- Broken arrow - 2
- Mysterious black goo stain on carpet in workout/yoga room - 1
- Mess - everywhere

The oldest kid of this bunch is a little rowdy and I discovered him with my daughter twice breaking house rules that she should know. She ended up in a time out for quite a while after the second time, and the rest of the kids were told to stay where a parent could see them. I try to be understanding, but I find myself simply not wanting him to come over to my home again. This kid seems to take things just a little too far for my comfort. But he's the son of my close friend's boyfriend and her children and mine play often, so it is natural to sometimes have his two sons too. They have been together for more than 6 months and his family is a fixture in her life.

Maybe I'll hold my judgement until this carpet stain comes up, right now I'm just upset about the damage.


yertle said...

So sorry about the goo. It is hard to know what to do about instigators. Does he have any sense of remorse for the stain or when your daughter got in trouble?

Sierra said...

Dang that goo!!! I've got a husband that produces similar results. Kinda tough to ban him from the house, but I am ready to set some serious rules. Maybe some boundaries would be helpful in your situation too. I'm sure he's not a bad kid, just needs some clear expectations set out and some consequences that his mom will get behind. Good luck with that delicate situation.