Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fear of Moving

I've been slowly facing my fear of moving as a contemplate a potential relocation.

First I was afraid of creating a new sense of community for myself and family, finding a home, finding all those little things (doctor, dentist, housekeeper, hairdresser, Girl Scout troop, Boy Scout troop, Rotary club, dry cleaner, vet, etc.), dealing with the stress of moving, selling the house that I LOVE, ruining my children, and the list goes on.

But lately, with the help of my husband, I have been seeing this more as an opportunity. To really integrate into a community. To pick my commute. To reevaluate what we want in a house and neighborhood and shop for just that. To loosen our financial belt a little and go for a 30 year mortgage instead of this suffocating 15 year mortgage we currently have. Here's how cool my husband is, he even agreed to do counseling before and after the move, just as a way to help us manage the stress and take care of our marriage.

I'm excited and feeling better and better each day.

Now I just need to get a job offer!


yertle said...

Wow, your husband is way cool! I love how he is re-framing all of this for you guys. I love the idea of an opportunity, and support in managing the stress. You go guys!

Selfishly, you know I would love to have you closer. Sending all my best love and support for an excellent job offer to be on its way to you.

Sierra said...

Having moved more times than I am years old, I would have to say that it won't ruin your children. It is an amazing gift for them to learn to transition. And it sounds like you have a lot of support from your hubby in how to do that in a healthy and manageable way. I hope all works out for you. It IS very stressful, but you will get through the initial shock of chaos and be just fine. best of luck to you.