Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feeling Discouraged

This job hunt is taking too long and I'm beginning to feel discouraged.

I either need to step it up a notch or let it go, because doing both is wearing on me.

Hope to hear from the city soon. Would need to refinance the mortgage to handle the paycut. Is it worth it?

Sorry to be lacking in motivation today - I know it is just a phase and I'll snap out of it.

Been thinking about going back into counseling - worried I'm carrying too much baggage and being overly protective of me.

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yertle said...

Thinking of you. Sorry you are feeling discouraged. It is a normal part of the ride. I think something my coach just said might help -- she said to say "Even though I am feeling discouraged, I completely love and accept myself." I found that helpful as I was feeling anxious a lot lately. It helped me resist it less and get to the other side faster.

It is hard to decide what is worth it. You have to really look at quality of life as a big picture.

Curious about your thoughts about being overly protective.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Did my flight info come through?