Sunday, November 25, 2007


As I was catching up on the papers that had piled up while I was away, I came across the following quote,

We give thanks for unknown blessing already on their way.

I read it to my daughter and tried to explain the meaning, then I send the husband off with the kids and stayed home to mix up some kitchen sink cookies. On the radio came a show about working with toxic people and it was GREAT. Two books were presented and the authors interviewed, The Power of Nice and Working with You is Killing Me. Very inspiring, and I recommend the quiz to find out if you're really nice . . .

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yertle said...

Love the quote. It feels like it resonates very nicely for me with my life coaching.

I took the quiz and got a 14. I am now very curious to read the book. It sounds like it would be very useful both at work, with parenting, and with myself.