Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Computer Ate My Homework

I had a wonderful blog yesterday. It had my 10 minutes of homework on my job and my boss and I included a summary of things for which I am grateful. A full, rich, thoughtful 3 paragraphs . . . and then the computer ate it. Decided to simply shut down and start fresh today.

Define my job: I am the Assistant General Manager. The organization chart show me reporting directly to the General Manager. I have 6 direct reports for whom I am responsible. Currently one of those positions is vacant and I am in the process of interviewing for the position. I am responsible for preparing the interview questions, prepping the panel and conducting the interviews. Then I am responsible for convincing my boss that my first choice is his first choice and his decision. Any other way and his ego gets bruised and he feels threatened, but that's the next part of my homework. My job is to ensure that wastewater is treating in compliance with rules and regs, recycled water is produced and delivered cost-effectively, and all of this is done within budget. I review, train, mentor, motivate and discipline my direct reports as necessary, elevating issues to my boss as appropriate. Of course, "appropriate" is typically a guess and constantly being refined.

Objectify my Boss: My boss is a vain man with perfect hair, a set jaw, and a physically fit physique. He rarely has a hair out of place, is tan, and loves to surf. He tells the story with a little pride of how he was late to Christmas morning at his own home with his own wife and kids because the waves were just too perfect. He is selfish, self-centered and egotistical. With all due respect to single moms out there, he married a single mom who has an abusive father and an ex-husband who was terrible. She still doesn't have a relationship with her father. I believe my boss picked her because she will not hold him to a high standard and likely withers when challenged. She is a stay at home mom and fixes his meals and keeps his house. When we have potlucks, she is the one who prepares the dish - very 1950's. He might be a little sexist, but I'm still sorting that out. He seems to think that there is man's work (capital projects and operations) and women's work (laboratory and administration). He at times assumes responsibility for areas (like maintenance), but then drops the ball, waiting several months to then express concern about MY leadership in this department. He does not follow through and has difficulty completing tasks, sometimes afraid to finalize things for fear of not being able to go back.

Things for which I am grateful: I am grateful for my early mornings before the family awakes - for my early morning runs and walks with my dog. I am grateful that I rediscovered yoga. I am grateful that my HR person convinced me to call for help and that the call for help resulted in me going to a counselor. I am grateful for my week of vacation!!! I am grateful for my husband's patience and willingness to watch the kids while I get some me time. I am grateful when I have the patience to be able to return the favor. I am grateful that my children's grandparents are all alive and that they have relationships with each. I am grateful for my self-confidence and inner trust, which I am constantly honing and refining - last night I went to a black tie dinner and wore a dress suit instead of a gown, last time I wore a gown I felt weird and didn't like showing skin or looking like the spouse, so I wore a dressy, feminine suit and felt great! I am grateful for my friends and can't wait to see Yertle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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