Monday, March 17, 2008

Healthy Dad

Recently my dad called out of the blue and asked to take me and my husband out to dinner, no kids. The fact that he was willing to make the 2+ hour drive was enough of a shock, but to have an adult only dinner got us thinking.

Of course, we thought the worst and started wondering if this was the "I have ___ months to live" talk. He's recovering from colon cancer and they think he may have lung cancer.

Well, he showed up with my stepmom, gave the kids a pogo stick, watched them a little, and then took us to dinner. It was a very noneventful dinner. It was great. Dad was very healthy compared to when I saw him last and it was really, really good to see him strong again. It was a gift.

Yertle, too cool on the gardening and composting! Hope you have a great crop! I am thinking of worm composting. The city composts our green waste, so it's just the kitchen scraps and dog poop that needs composting. Of course, that takes two separate bins. I'm confused on whether it is a batch process or continuous, but am doing more research.

Sierra, thanks for reminding me that good things come when you least expect them and when the universe is ready for you to have them!


yertle said...

So glad your dad is doing well!

Sierra said...

I love it when parents surprise us with good things just because. Glad to hear there is no bad news to accompany that visit.