Monday, March 17, 2008

Give Me Five Monday

Smile Play Dream tagged me with the Give Me Five meme. What a great topic, de-stress.

The prompt last week was: "Give Me Five ways you like to de-stress, relax, wind down or kick back."

Here's what I do:

1. Take a deep breath, counting through the inhalation, holding, and exhalation.
2. Laugh, about anything, including myself.
3. Run or walk with my dog.
4. Ask for a hug from my husband.
5. Play with the kids.

But there's way more . . . enjoy a glass of wine sitting in my backyard, take flowers or anything to a neighbor (just as an excuse to drop in to say hello), dig in the garden, watch the sky, feel the air on my skin, meditate while systematically sending love to each member of my family - with each breath I imagine someone I love, on the exhalation I send them love - it ALWAYS makes me smile!

I'm sorry to be the end of the chain, but Sierra was already tagged . . .

1 comment:

Sierra said...

Thanks for reminding me about being tagged. I will definitely get to that one. Good list.