Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everyone at Work Loves Me

Everyone at work loves me.

This is one of the affirmations Louise Hay wants me to say each morning to create a joyful work environment for myself. When I read it out loud to my husband last night, he laughed, out loud, and for a long time. You see, as a boss, not everyone loves me. I'm the one that gets to tell people that their copay for medical is going up or that the board only approved a small raise or that we're laying off their position. Right now I'm undergoing disciplinary action with an employee and was the target of two memos to HR about how she was a great, loyal, dedicated, long-term employee and that I was just a crappy, fly by night supervisor. Needless to say, I'm not always loved.

My husband thought I could say "Almost everyone loves me" instead. Somehow, it just doesn't seem as powerful, but I thought he was onto something, so I asked for translations from him on some of the other affirmations.

Louise Hay - My workplace is a pleasure to be in.
My Husband - There's hot coffee at work.

Louise Hay - It is easy for me to find jobs.
My Husband - I could always work someplace worse.

Louise Hay - There is plenty for everyone, including myself.
My Husband - There's hot coffee at work.

I think you get the gist.

But on a serious note, I paid attention to Louise Hay and to my body today. When I woke up achy and not feeling so good, I called in sick. Then I rested and read. Later, after the morning nap, I did a little yoga, meditated, and took myself out on a date for sushi (a whole food which is good for my body). Now I feel fantastic. I highly recommend taking the time to take care of ourselves - it's too easy to ignore, but so wonderful to not.


yertle said...

Woohoo! Good for yoou to take care of yourself. I am planning a sick day for the week after next since I feel overstressed. It is time for a mental health day.

My husband laughs at me all of the time about Louise Hay stuff, but I do think it works. I think believing that things are possible is half the battle. I can imagine loving someone who had to give me bad news depending on how it all went down.

Sierra said...

Yae for "me" days. I'm proud of you for knowing when to say when on the work stress.
I'm all for seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, but this stuff sounds a little dilusional. The law of attraction works well if you are focusing on what you want more of, but I'm not sure it works if you flat out lie to yourself.
I think I am with your husband on the positive self-talk translation. Be honest, look for the good in it and be grateful for the best. Yall must have some really great coffee. :)