Monday, December 10, 2007


What the . . . .

That's all I have to say today. After a month long investigation into ethics concerns surrounding my boss, he got a review and a raise today.

I had hoped he would be fired, and then resigned myself to him getting his hand slapped. Seems like he got rewarded.

Now I am at a crossroads and feel the need to leave, now more than ever. How can an elected board condone such behavior??? How can those who represent the taxpayers look the other way??? What happened to karma and what goes around comes around? How can a man who is disrespected and even hated by his employees succeed? Do I have it all wrong? The kiss up/kick downs of the work really do succeed.

I feel like throwing in the towel, stopping banging my head against that damn glass ceiling and staying home. Maybe starting a women-owned small business. Maybe job sharing with my hubby.

Oh, update on the hubby. We had a date night on Saturday and the time together was very helpful. He hired help so that he could work extra hours and not have to work on my birthday. I sense that he still feels pressure to work, but we'll at least have the afternoon together and we have a date night the next day. I'm not expecting diamonds or anything, but I'm glad he worked out a solution.


yertle said...

OMG -- that is so not what I expected would happen at your work. A raise?!? Wow -- glad you are brainstorming other ideas for yourself and glad that you got some time with your hubby. Yay!

Sierra said...

Ya know, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful the all mighty dollar really is. It's disgusting what people will compromise to get more of it. Sounds like the corruption goes a bit higher than the boss man and you would be wise to get away from that ASAP!
Good luck in your transition. It's always a challenge to re-evaluate priorities and shift gears toward happiness. Isn't it strange how we can just cruise along for years and then one day, it just isn't right anymore? Good for you for not ignoring the signs and putting the breaks on this segment of your adventure.
I can't wait to see where your new adventure leads you. :)